Las Vegas, the city known for its vibrant nightlife and entertainment, played host to a different kind of spectacle between July 17th and July 20th, 2023. The Western Dredging Association’s (WEDA) annual conference was held here, attracting key players from across the dredging industry. Among the many distinguished attendees, VMI Dredges stood out with their innovative solutions and industry insights.

Founded in 1972, VMI Dredges has been a global leader in the dredging industry, known for its commitment to delivering reliable, customer-focused solutions. Their presence at WEDA 2023 was marked by significant contributions to the dialogue around future industry trends and technological advancements.

VMI Dredges attended the conference with the goal to not only learn from peers but also share their extensive knowledge about dredging technologies and project management. Those attending the WEDA Conference were Cash Maitlen, VMI Dredges President; Pat Sumpter, VMI Dredges Sales Manager and Susan Pittser, VMI Dredges Marketing.

The company also showcased their latest products, creating a buzz with their innovative designs and advanced technology. The VMI Team engaged in discussions on the floor about the future of dredging technology and the potential impact of these innovations.

The conference provided a platform for networking and collaboration, and VMI Dredges seized this opportunity to connect with industry peers, potential partners, and clients. They engaged in stimulating conversations, learned from shared experiences, and even set the foundation for future collaborations.

As the WEDA 2023 conference concluded, it was clear that VMI Dredges’ commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer-focused solutions left a significant imprint on the attendees. The conference not only provided an opportunity for the industry to meet and discuss the latest developments, but it also showcased how VMI Dredges is leading the way in pushing boundaries and defining the future of dredging.

With the echoes of the WEDA conference still resonating, VMI Dredges is excited to bring new solutions and ideas to the dredging industry. One thing is for sure: whether it’s in Las Vegas or elsewhere, VMI Dredges will continue to make waves in the dredging industry.

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