Manufacturing Apprentice

Job Duties and Responsibilities

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• Perform general manual activities and tasks in a manufacturing environment
• Production environment is in doors but is not climate controlled, working in ambient temperatures or similar elements for the entirety of the shift
• Frequently exert physical effort in handling heavy objects (objects can weigh 50 lbs. or more), throughout shift
• Requires pushing, pulling, bending, twisting, and lifting of heavy objects (objects can weigh 50 lbs. or more)
• Operate machinery and tools to assist in the production process and facilities maintenance
• Assemble and repair materials and equipment as required to perform assigned tasks
• Monitor and Inspect products for defects to ensure quality standards are met
• Communicate effectively with coworkers to ensure efficient production and deadlines are met
• Maintain a clean workspace as well ensuring that the equipment is operating properly
• Comprehension and adherence to verbal and written instructions.
• Perform duties as assigned
• Maintains clean, safe and organized yard, warehouse and paint shop
• Assist with the assembly of dredges and other equipment
• Perform machine maintenance and repairs as needed
• Assist loading and unloading of trucks and dredges
• Sandblast and paint dredges as needed
• Collect hazardous or non-hazardous waste in correctly labeled barrels or other containers and transfer them to collection areas
• Must be able to lift 75 lbs

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