VMI builds dredges in a variety of sizes and configurations

VMI Self-Propelled Dredge

The MD-822-SP features a 2-speed twin auger drive system along with a cable drive allowing the ability to switch between cable propulsion and self-propulsion for different dredging applications.  It provides the same dredging power and capability as the MD-815 with the addition of self-propulsion eliminating the need for cable.  The dredge allows the ability to switch between the twin auger drive system and cable propulsion with the flip of one switch and one lever.  The augers have high and low speeds which can be shifted on the fly at any time by pressing a button.  A steerable rear thruster allows independent control of the rear of the dredge for maneuvering and positioning.

This machine features the full-width flow through horizontal cutter head in combination with a standard hi-chrome recessed impeller pump to provide you with maximum performance and durability. An optional closed vane impeller pump is available to suit different dredging applications.  The twin auger drive system is fully removable allowing the ability to shorten the dredge for transportation and allows the ability to dredge using cable in a shortened configuration.